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    Post  Kostume/Empyre on Tue Oct 05, 2010 12:20 am

    Ah man, just saw this website in my favorites from whoever knows how the hell long. Not sure if anyone will reply since this forum has been dead for a long ass time. But if you do chat me up sometime o.o we can talk about the good old times of EO/nerds. I dont ever play endless much anymore but get on every couple of months to see whats up i guess, latley ive been playing GunZ o.o. if you ever play the game whisper me D: my name is Kostume on that game too. Man Tend we all miss eo-ride, why did you shut it down? Or maybe i just miss it cuz im a nerd o.O anyways if you respond to this you are an ancient o.o pro..

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